Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Great Canadian Conspiracy part ii of a whole bunch

Back to my great Canadian Conspiracy. In today's episode, we will cover some of the Canadian TV shows that are being aired in the US. Today, I will educate you about the ways they (you know who) is encouraging illegal immigration, and keeping us from developing our own oil fields.

Let us start with that little sweet darling, Dora the Explorer. And what kind of things does little Dora do to push the conspiracy mold?
  • It was originally created by Nelvana, a Canadian company that specializes in (ready for this?) kids show. Of course, some years ago, when I developed my theory, Dora was still listed in the Nelvana web site. They have since licensed it to Nickleodeon, so it is now a US produced show. This is called "Plausible Deniability".
  • Sweet Dora likes to teach all the kiddies to say things in Spanish. Now my being Puerto Rican I thought that was cool. Then it hit me. With the exception of two countries, all countries in the Western Hemisphere have an official language. The US does not have one. Guess which country has 2 official languages? Hint; they play a lot of hockey. So they figured that if it is OK for Canada to be bilingual, why not the US? That has lead to pressure against all "English Only" legislation in the US.
  • That cute as a bug Dora goes on a trip during every episode. And during each trip, she always looks at her map. Whatever the destination of the episode is, it is always at the top of the map. Folks, the top of all maps are always labeled NORTH!!! Dora is trying to figure out the way north.
  • In each episode, they must travel north, and she always has a river or a lake as an obstacle on the way north. Coincidence? I think not.
  • When she gets to the river, she always runs into Swiper. Swiper is a fox. The Spanish word fox is Coyote. Are you folks figuring this stuff out? Coyotes are the name for the folks that help smuggle folks across the border.
  • Then there was the latest Dora movie, "Dora Saves the Snow Princess". There is no snow in Mexico. She had to travel all the way north to the snowy place in Canada to save the Snow Princess. Canada is still a member of the British Commonwealth, so they have regal titles. Why the hell you think it is called the Royal Canadian Air Force?
So you see, the Canadians want real cheap labor, so that they can get rid of some of their union wages. But they have a problem in bringing Mexican labor in. It is called this little obstacle known as the United States.

Just look at the immigration patterns over the last 20 years or so--Miami and Florida do not count, since they are a territory of Cuba--They all started along the Rio Grande. According to the latest censure figures, the Hispanic population is growing toward the North, toward Canada. In some places in Washington State, the Hispanic population is past 17%. Remember my last post, about the majority of the Canuks living within 100 miles of the US border? Do you think Pedro wants to go all the way to Yukon? If white folks don't want to populate that cold place, what makes you think that the 'Cans want to be there?

Not only that, but are you aware that the US/Canada border is an open border? People, wake up and smell the shit. Farts do smell like shit. We should militarize the northern border. Canadians are very hard to tell apart. The are white, and speak English. Illegals from the South are short, brown and no habla!!!

But don't worry, I understand, and I really cannot stand illegal immigration. We can start with the US/Canadian border, so that the inbred lunatic fringe cannot accuse me of favoritism toward the Hispanics. Do you folks remember this thing that was called "The Iron Curtain"? In the 30+ years that the Iron Curtain was up, very few folks were able to get across to freedom. I saw the Inter-German border in the 70's, and it was something I will never forget. 10 meter tall fences leaning toward the inside, mine fields, trip wire shotguns, manned posts with orders to shoot to kill.

The Berlin Wall had a 10ft diameter pipe on top, so that if a person on the East managed to climb to the top, they could not get their arms over the top.

So I got to thinking, how about we build our own wall? We can hire the former East German Border Police and they will go a great job. It will take some time to retrain them, that their job is to keep folks from coming inside the country; leaving is OK. But how will we pay for it? Easy. Just use illegal migrant workers. They will do the job faster, and bring it under budget.

Then we can get them to build the wall on the southern side. We can hire them as border patrol for a lot less. And if anyone gets across the border while they are on duty; we deport the guard. That should be one hell of an incentive.


We have all been told that we cannot drill for oil in the ANWR, because there is no way to do it and maintain the environment. If we drill for oil, we will kill the Moose (if the plural of mouse is mice, will the plural of moose be moice?), kill the baby seals (never mind the fact that baby seals are the favorite snack of the polar bear) and destroy everything in that pristine land. And along comes,

Ice Road Truckers

The story of a bunch of Canadian (of course) truckers that drive the most treacherous roads to supply the work sites in the great north. During Season I we learned that the sneaky Canucks have one hell of a diamond and gold mine way up there in the great north. During Season II, they were driving up to an oil field in the Arctic. Just remember that part, an oil field in the Arctic, where they are not killing the moose, the baby seals and the bald eagles. I will get to this on a later rant.

Now that they are on Season III, we find the Canadian truck drivers working where? Alaska. So the average person in the US bitches-moans-groans about Mexicans taking jobs at McDonald's and Bojangles, but no one says a thing about white Canadian taking jobs from the US (such as GM-Ford-Chrysler Canada, Life Savers, et al). The have yet to show on the show if Alex and Hugh have the proper paperwork to work in the US. I wonder if Carlisle Trucking had to report Alex and Hugh to ICE for employment. So they will make over $120,000 for the season, US money that will go to CANADA, not Mexico, blah blah blah.

Of course, since they are making the runs to the oil fields in Prudhoe Bay, it would not surprise me if they are acting as agents of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service; giving them information about our oil fields. That information will be used by the Canadian oil companies to stay ahead of the US in Arctic oil drilling, and to keep our pussyticians-sorry, politicians from allowing us to drill for oil.

So now we know that Canada has the largest gold and diamond mine in the Western Hemisphere, and that they are allowed to drill for oil in the vast environmentally sensitive Arctic waste lands, and we cannot mine for gold or drill for oil the way they are. And they don't want us to. After all, who do you think is the biggest importer of crude oil to the US? Saudi Arabia? Nope, they are 3rd. Kuwait? Even though we saved their asses, not even close; 13th. Mexico? No way Jose. The are the 2nd largest importer of oil, and the 1st major importer of non-white labor to the us. Even though that crazy lovable Hugo Chavez from Venezuela hates the US, he sure loves the petro dollar, since they are sitting in 4th place. Nigeria is 1st in bank scam letters, and 5th in oil imports. So who is the largest importer of crude oil to the US? Well, it ain't the sand bunnies, and it ain't the 'Cans (remember Mexican). So I wonder, who could it be (a la church lady)? Could it be......Canada? Yes, Canada. land of the great white north. Land of the American Bald Eagle.

Stay tuned, as I continue releasing the Great Canadian Conspiracy. Just remember, if it looks like I committed suicide, it was the Canadian Security Intelligence Service that was behind it all.