Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Easter Bunny

I hope that everyone had a great Easter weekend. I am sure that some of us made the sunrise service. As I got to thinking about Easter, it dawned on me...

-The Easter Bunny. We all know that the bunny does not lay eggs. The only mammal that lays eggs is the ducked billed platypus. Remember, that the Christian faith was being implemented by Emperor Constantine, and that they were using a lot of the "old" ways and beliefs to bring the pagans into the faith. Now, we want the children to believe, so why don't we bribe them with candy and colored eggs? But someone needs to bring them the candy, how about the Easter Platypus? After all, he can lay the eggs that will be colored and delivered.

While we are at it, have you really seen a platypus? That is a face that only a mother can love!!!
Of course, good ole' Constantine shit the proverbial brick, and said that he did not want to scare the kids. How about a nice fluffy bunny?