Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Towing TV

One of the nice things about working the night shift is that after 3 am or so it tends to get very quiet. That means that we have some great choices from the free basic cable that we get at work.

Lately, True TV has been doing their ads for the new season of Operation Repo. The one in LA, where a family of Mexican Americans go out usually at night and take your vehicle.

Now, True TV is also going to start a new show. And it is very different from Operation Repo. South Beach Tow is about a bunch of Cuban Americans that own a repo company, and go around towing your vehicle when you are nowhere near it.

Am I missing something in this line-up? What, are Hispanics the only ones that go around taking cars that don't belong to them? Ok, I will give you the one about why do Hispanics drive cars with little steering wheels...So that we can use the steering wheel while wearing our handcuffs...

I have an idea for True TV. How about South Central Gang? You can follow the main gangs in South Central LA on weekend nights, and see their actions as they go from drive by to drive by.

Of course, in order to keep up with South Beach Tow, they will have something like Miami Eses.

But what is the choice? White people shoping? White people congress?

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  1. You are a warped and twisted man...I love you.