Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Racial Stuff

Things that my mind comes up with after working a 12-hour split shift.

As I stated earlier, I am whiter than the Grand Wizard of the Klukers. But since I was born in the Puerto Rico, I am considered a minority. Some time ago, I was telling my wife that I wanted to expand on this issue a little more with our kids. You know, the whole crap with the public schools about making sure that the schools are "socio-economically" equal. Socio-economically equal my left nut!!!

Sorry, little anti PC rant there. Anyway, because I am a "Can", my kids are considered a minority. Hey skool system, just because their last names are Spanish does not mean that they have to be automatically placed for ESL (English as a Segundo Lenguaje) testing.

My father in law is of Irish descent, and my mother in law is of Swedish descent. Now here is the real fun part with the PC crap. Technically, my wife is Taiwanese/Chinese. She was born in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. And under international law, she is technically a Taiwanese/Chinese citizen.

After adding all of these things up, I came to the conclusion that our kids are Puerto Rican-Chinese-Irish-Swedish-Americans. The skool board has no idea where to place them for racial equality, gotta love it. Now, since Puerto Ricans (as all Hispanics) are drunks, and the Irish are also drunks; guess the kids will be sots after all. And the Chinese part of not being able to drive worth a crap, damn, my insurance rates will go thru the roof when they start to drive!!! And lets not forget the Swedish part of their heritage. No habla Ingles, drinking, no driving, meatball cooking fools.

I wonder what type of government assistance I can try to get from the Feds by claiming all this racial mixing with my kids.

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